Creative Commons and Fair Use

I have never heard about Creative Commons or Fair Use before.  I like that it allows the public to share videos, photos, media, projects and educational resources without the worry of copyright issues arising from it.   The ability and freedom that Creative Commons gives individuals and most importantly, students, will allow them to create projects with stimulating media.  The open educational resources on the creative commons website was very interesting to me as an educator.  Check out  This is a great tool for educators to get involved in a diverse and global learning community.  They offer workshops and various training programs and even allow the opportunity to create your own!  I LOVE the MITOCW!  This is MIT Open Courseware.  It is a link that allows the public to view professors at MIT teach various subjects.  Very interesting!  It reminds me on KHAN Academy on YouTube, but at a much higher level.  I would use CC in my school to adopt projects for the families in the community to add to.  I cannot say what the projects would be about exactly.  This would depend on the community I land in and base it on the needs of that particular community.  This is my third year at my school and I have never heard anyone mention anything about copyright materials.  I am unsure the degree to which other districts talk about it or what it may include, but I would like to find out.  I am concerned that my knowledge of technology standards and the laws surrounding it is very vague and I need to gain a better understanding before taking any sort of leadership role at a school.


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