Week 5 Assignment BYOD (or BYOB!) :)


I have to start this blog with the idea that BYOD is not the best terminology to use in a school setting.  I think it is clever, but certainly not age-appropriate for schools.  I am not suggesting a term or acronym to take its place, but if I did roll something like this out I would not use this terminology.  I think it is great if a school district can afford a 1:1 initiative and completely fund it.  I am skeptical starting a BYOD initiative at my school.  My first thought is income disparity among the students.  What if a student’s device is not compatible with the apps the teacher chooses to use?  What if it lags in speed and cannot keep up with the class?  What if it can be compromised and a security issue arises?  It is my understanding that devices would need to be approved by the network which is a very difficult and time consuming process.  I believe issues can arise with theft and I don’t even want to think about the social media issues that could arise with devices not controlled completely by the school.  Is the school reliable if a tablet breaks at school?  If the devices can be taken home, what limitations can the school push?  It is also difficult to find that a 1:1 initiative truly increases test scores Until firm research comes out that devices raise test scores, I would not want to sit in front of a board without strong research to back me up.






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