Week 4 Assignment Podcasts and Webinars

I would like to talk about Webinars first.  Webinars are VERY helpful.  I watch between 3-4 each month.  They are a quick way to get pertinent information for my subject area.  It also allows me the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals in my field.  It can feel like I am on an island at times, but the webinars create a community of learners that I can benefit from, and hopefully help others in the process!  I enjoy the interactive piece of webinars.  Far too often, when I attend a mandatory PD session for school, I sit and take in information with very little involvement.  In webinars, discussion and questions are encouraged to drive conversation and instruction.  Many webinars allow the opportunity to print an attendance certificate for PD.  Keeping these in a binder is a great resource to show administrators for observation.

Podcasts have been around for a good time now.  I remember having to do projects for a tech class in undergrad.  I remember the process being very cumbersome at the time.  This included going to the library to rent a portable microphone, hooking it up to the computer.  Adjusting voice levels was always an issue.  I know the process is much easier today with portable technology and built-in microphones.  The flipped classroom is another buzz term in education these days.  After reading about it, thanks to Lori’s post, I find myself becoming more interested.  I am always looking for ways to improve and push my limits.  I will certainly use a flipped classroom model this school year.  I am hopeful it will work and I can help to implement it at my school next year or when I become a principal!


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