Week 4 Assignment Mind Mapping

I have never used mind mapping before, nor have I even heard of it.  I investigated a few of the sites in the textbook (dabbleboard, creately, edistorm, twiddla, wallwisher)  and I found them hard to navigate.  I imagine myself trying to implement these as an administrator, or even now as an AD, and I cannot find a use for them.  I am not sure if this is because I am so use to Goog Docs (or biased), but I will not be using these tools.  On that note, everyone marches to their own beat and I am sure there are hundreds of thousands that prefer sites such as the aforementioned.  As I continue to play around with them, I may find a site that suits me and I may begin to use it.  I mentioned them to my principal and even showed her a few on her computer.  She was interested and may look to use them in some of her PD days at the school.


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