Week 4 Assignment Online Tool Suites

After taking over as AD at my school, I instantly started to use Google Calendar for all the team schedules to share with the community.  It is a streamlined way to organize all of the events that will take place in a given day or week and where they will take place at!  I also give my board of commissioners the ability to edit the calendar in case of a change in schedule.  This has streamlined my life by 100%.  My school also tried to use Goog docs to professional development, but it did not pan out so well.  I think it is a great idea, but it is up the leader of the school to stay on top of it to see that staff is communicating on a regular basis.  I can see it as a tool that could eventually take the place of weekly faculty meeting. ( I know teachers would love that! ).  I can certainly see myself using Online Tool Suites as an administrator.  They will simplify my life as they gain popularity.  Why not use them for teacher observations!?  I will certainly try!


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