Week 3 Assignment Gaming

I believe instructional video games can be a useful tool in the classroom.  It breaks up the day to day monotony and gives the children something fun to look forward to.  I like that you can find games that include built-in tracking and statistics.  Children are highly motivated by competition, and this will encourage them to achieve at a high level.  I use something called exer-gaming in the classroom.  Exer-gaming uses games such as Dance Dance Revolution and Zumba for kids via the XBOX360 or Wii gaming console.  It gets the kids motivated to try new and exciting physical activities without the embarrassment or peer pressure.  We also run a skiing league that the kids can sign up for.  They compete to race down the slopes in a great ESPN game.  The line is out the door to participate!  Teachers can use these types of games in the classroom as well for motivational or behavior management techniques.


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