Week 3 Assignment CMS

I was excited to read this chapter in the book.  I do not have as much experience with CMSs although I have heard a lot of good things about Moodle.  I find it strange that PD at my school only exists at the physical building in a classroom setting.  I find it even more interesting that once the PD is over, there is no follow-up or banter regarding the topic.  It seems as though the teachers simply sit in the PD, biding their time to get their Act 48 hours and then they are done.  This is hardly an effective form of PD.  Educators should be encouraged to share their thoughts regarding topics and have a positive and professional conversation.  I have used Blackboard in past undergraduate classes and just thought it was a venue to turn in projects and papers.  I also like the idea of using CMS to build community.  They are a great way to get parents and stakeholders engaged into the workings of the school.  I am excited to research more about Moodle and begin to use it this grading period!


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