Week 2 Assignment Social Networks

The term social media is everywhere!  You cannot walk down the street, have dinner, watch a tv show or have a discussion without someone either checking their own (or friend’s) facebook account.  I remember when FB first came out in college. It was right arounf the time MySpace came out.  I was not very social at the time, so I found it a great tool to meet people in a particular setting.  Unfortunately, it has become a bragging tool for everyone to post pictures of what they are eating.  I have since deleted my account for the fact I do not find it professional to have a personal account anymore.  You never know who will tag you in a photo and I do not check it enough to keep track and monitor.  Can facebook be used in a school setting?  Absolutely!  We have a FB page for my school that I am half in charge of updating and posting.  The parents and children love it!


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