Week 2 Assignment Mobile Learning

It seems as though administrators are now asking “How are you using technology in your classroom?”  The push to use technology in the classroom has grown with the inception of tablets, smartphones and iPods.  These tools can be used not only in the classroom, but the walls of the classroom can be taken away and children can learn in different environments.  This includes outside!  There is no better way for students to gain an understanding of tree species than with an iPad in their hand, walking through the woods and identifying the species with the help from technology.  I would like to throw a GPS into this discussion.  I enjoy holding a geocaching unit where the students learn about topography maps, latitude and longitude and goal setting.  Educators need to be careful not to let technology get in the way of effective teaching.  I sometimes see teachers get too involved in the thought of having technology in the classroom that they are not teaching efficiently or effectively.  Let technology be a support in the classroom, not the teacher.


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