Week 1 Assignment Wikis

I remember hearing about Wikis first in college and I was warned never to use them as an accurate source for information.  Anyone can edit a Wiki at their will.  This makes them very unreliable.  I remember going into Wikipedia (possibly the most popular Wiki) and randomly changing information on various topics.  My information was not accurate, but I was able to post it!  I was blown away!  For this reason, I am not a proponent of Wikis.  Wikis can go under the evaluating process of Blooms.  The student needs to filter the information on a Wiki to discern if it is correct.  Digital citizenship is important and Wikis fall under this umbrella for the ISTE standards for administration.  Level four (extended thinking) in Webbs DOK requires students to critique and analyze information.  This is pertinent when using Wikis and find it appropriate to use this level of thinking when using Wikis.


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