Week 1 Assignment Social Bookmarking

I have never used social bookmarking myself.  After reading about it and researching them, I find them helpful.  I bookmark websites that my students can go to to do some research that are developmentally appropriate.  I can also see how I could post a link to my blog or instagram for them to look at as well.  This seems like an extra step to take to communicate to students, but I see the potential for it.  As it relates to Webbs DOK, the sites are there for the student to work with so I would say it only reaches level one.  What the student does with the information can reach level 4, but that is all in how the teacher uses the technology.  In Blooms Taxonomy, level 1 remembering is as far as I can take social bookmarking.  Everything is laid out for the student to follow so a higher level of thinking is not necessary.  Creating a Digital Age Learning Culture in a school is vital.  Demonstrating and modeling how to use sources such as social bookmarking can only help a school improve in this digital age.


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