Week 1 Assignment Blogs

When I first heard of Blogs, I thought to myself, “How is this going to benefit anyone?”  I hear that there are ‘professional bloggers’ that get paid to Blog.  This fathoms me.  These professionals typically only have strong opinions for or against something or someone and they write about it and get paid.  I cannot understand how someone could make money stating their stance on certain topics or if they liked the food at a new restaurant in the city.  (Plus they can hide behind their keyboard and PC screen)  Although I do not find this use of blogs beneficial to society, I think they can be used in a classroom setting to let students give their opinions on lessons or topics the teacher may be introducing.  It is a safe environment that students can interact with each other and the teacher.   I believe blogging is a very basic skill that only reaches Level One (recall) on the DOK chart.  I also believe blogging reaches level 3 applying in Blooms Taxonomy.  Children can take what they have learned and apply it to parts of their life in a blog.  Blogging reaches the ISTE visionary leadership for administrators.  Leaders need to communicate their technology plans to teachers and blogging is a great tool to do so.


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